POWER EQUIPMENTS carries on the tradition in power ELECTRONICS of Peirs, the former IRCI Equipment division, a leader in the field of power semiconductors.

Thanks to the goodwill of knowledge in the field of power conversion and its experience in the implementation of automation systems, the POWER EQUIPMENTS produces a wide range of products and services for industry, railways and urban transport, aviation industry . It also produces specialized equipment for test rooms and laboratories for research and development.

Against a backdrop of growing competition on price and quality, POWER EQUIPMENTS renewed and reinvested on creating tight collaboration with customers and suppliers according to its mission of company deeply focused on innovation and product customization on specific requirement customer.

The long experience in the production of special power devices for a variety of industrial and railway applications, and deep knowledge of semiconductors allows POWER EQUIPMENTS to meet all requirements of high reliability electronic power.


POWER EQUIPMENTS has been certified ISO 9001/2008 - Vision in October 2011 thanks to the development of a quality system in compliance with the norms related to:

  • - design, construction and sale of semiconductors and converters for industrial and rail
  • - sale of power electronic components active and passive
  • - design, construction and sale of transformers for the industrial sector